6 Foods That Are Bad For Energy

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What do you do when you feel that your energy levels are going down? Typically, eating a snack or drinking a cup of coffee can help you feel more energetic. It's quite normal for your energy levels to rise and fall slightly during the day. Eating something can generally get your energy level up. However, there are some foods that can drain your energy levels.

We will discuss six foods that are bad for your energy levels, so you know what you should avoid eating if you are feeling low on energy.

6 Foods That Are Bad for Your Energy Levels

The list of foods that can drain your energy might have a few surprising entries. Here are the six foods that are bad for your energy levels.

1.     Foods with added sugars

When you think of sugary foods like some breakfast cereals, yogurt, and other snacks with added sugars, you might think that they are good for your energy. However, consuming foods with added sugar too often can be devastating for your energy levels.

High sugar content certainly gives you an energy boost when you have it. However, when your body burns through the sugar, you can experience a crash. Research suggests that eating high sugar foods can increase the likelihood of craving sweet foods, leading to other health problems that stem from high blood sugar levels.

2.     Pasta, rice, and white bread

Pasta, rice, and white bread are all rich in carbs. Carbohydrates are a popular source of energy. However, processed grains in these items can be more harmful to your energy levels. The processing of these grains can take out the fiber-containing outer layer. When you consume too many carbohydrates without the fiber, your body can consume these faster than whole-grain foods. If you want a snack for energy, consider taking a whole grain alternative instead of the processed grains.

3.     Coffee

Coffee is considered one of the best foods for an instant kick. It has immense benefits for your cognitive performance and helps you wake up more effectively in the morning. The short-term boost that you get from coffee can be great for your energy levels. However, regularly drinking coffee can make your body build resistance to caffeine. Gradually, you might find yourself consuming too much coffee to get the energy levels you need. The result is a long-term decline in your energy levels.

4.     Energy drinks

Ironically, energy drinks are a food that is bad for your energy levels. Energy drinks can undoubtedly give you the short-term energy boost they promise. That boost also comes with a tradeoff. These energy drinks combine high sugar and caffeine levels to give you that energy boost. Consuming large quantities of both can cause your energy levels to rise but drop sharply after a while.

5.     Alcohol

Alcohol is popular for its relaxing effects. Many people love having a little bit of alcohol with their food or enjoy it during the evenings to relax, unwind, and even sleep easily. While it can provide a little bit of stress relief, alcohol can reduce the quality and duration of your sleep. Drinking alcohol can drain your energy levels by making you feel less rested when you wake up in the morning. Reducing your alcohol consumption and not drinking before you sleep can help you counteract this problem.

6.     Fast food

Fast-food and fried foods are notorious for draining your energy levels. These foods are high in saturated fats and low in healthy fibers. The result is food that digests slowly, making it more challenging for energy-boosting nutrients to enter your bloodstream. These fast foods can also contain too much fat that can make you feel too full. That food coma you feel is actually the fast-food zapping away your energy and making you feel lazy.

If you find yourself increasingly low on energy, you should consider talking to your dietician. It is possible that you are eating foods that are bad for energy. A medical professional can help you find the best course of action to address the problem.